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Love this newsletter and I wanted to suggest that maybe the ladies over at No Holes Barred podcast are occupying a bit of that online space you mention in your closing paragraph. It’s one of my favorite podcasts, not just because of all the British slang, but mainly for a really hilarious and more realistic take on representing motherhood in online spaces.

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I'm going to start a Mommy Blog based on my own past experiences. I am calling it:

Ho Mama!

A blog for single, slutty, low income Moms!

My blog will include titles like:

"How to keep your kids from getting you kicked out of the food stamp office"

"How to make the world's best omelet with powdered eggs!"

"How to hide the canned taste from canned peanut butter (and how to make those 5 pounds of peanut butter last!)"

"How to have sex in the bathroom with your boyfriend while making it sound like you're having a really hard poop ("It's okay, honey - Jim is just helping Mommy with her IBS!")

I could go on and on.

It's a whole other world for single, slutty, low income moms.

And we have no influence.

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Oh I adore this capitalist teleology versus biological paradigm of how we envision success -- success for our families, for ourselves, for our kids, for ourselves as parents. We've gotta embrace the cyclical -- the work of repair and care/maintenance, as just as valuable as growth and creation. *heart eyes*

Also, girl, get yourself an agent. This work is GOLD for a good nonfiction press. WAY too important and highly buzzworthy.

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I have heard mothers refer to their children as "she's my athletic one" or "my creative one" and I realize how even outside the mommy blogosphere kids get labeled. I wonder if this becomes more pronounced in that space...do some of the moms portray their kids a certain way and each child is in some way pressured to stay within the identity that's been branded and chronicled for them?

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Just found your newsletter from the Substack call-out. Already obsessed. I’ve been thinking about an essay on how much modern dads can learn from the OG “mommy bloggers.” We should talk!

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Wow this really hit home for me on many levels. Yours is my current favorite newsletter! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and research with us.

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